Our Church Provides

1. A Foundation for Living

At ODBC you will hear the Bible taught in a way that you will understand. Our church exists to provide you with a place to learn the Bible through preaching, discipleship, and Bible studies. The Bible, although written some 2,000 years ago, is full of useful information for us today. Sermons at Open Door are meant to take the principles found in the Bible and apply them to our lives in a rich and meaningful way.

2. A Family for Living

The world we live in is ready to condemn and look down on us and so we need a place where we can go to be uplifted, encouraged and supported. And, that is exactly what you will find at Open Door. At ODBC you will find people who care about you. Come and be part of the Open Door Family.

3. A Force for Living

In the "Star Wars" movies the famous saying was, "May the force be with you." At ODBC you will learn how to be connected to the true force of the universe - Almighty God. At ODBC we learn who God is and how to worship and serve him.

4. A Function for Living

ODBC provides a place for you to invest your life in the lives of others. It provides a place for you to become part of a team, working together with others for God’s glory, to impact the lives of people. It is a place for caring, sharing, serving, learning & growing.

5. A Focus for Living

God wants us to be messengers of His Love. He wants us to tell others of the good news of the gospel. At ODBC we learn how to share God’s love and good news to a world which is so in need of good news.